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  • Myofascial Release

  • Dry Needling

  • Vertigo

  • Muscle Scraping

  • Balance Training

  • Headache Treatment

  • Back/Neck/Shoulder/Ankle/Knee/Hip Treatment

  • Pain Management

  • Sports Medicine

  • Vestibular

  • PNF

  • Children/Adults of all ages

  • Deep Tissue Work

  • Shoulder, Knee, Wrist, Ankle 

  • Massage Therapy


Upward Physical Therapy focuses on a number of different modalities to help you heal. These are a few, for more questions on the types of services we provide, please give our office a call.

Myofascial release is a type of physical therapy often used to treat myofascial pain syndrome. Myofascial pain syndrome is a chronic pain disorder caused by sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial tissues. These tissues surround and support the muscles throughout your body.

Myofascial Release

How PNF works: PNF-trained physical therapists use the brain and nervous system’s complex feedback system to facilitate optimum patterns of movement and posture. The key to PNF is using the input from the skin, muscles and other sensory organs to influence the brain’s ability to activate the right muscles and movement patterns, especially the proprioceptors, which tell the brain where your body is in space.


Vestibular rehabilitation (VR) is a specialized form of therapy intended to alleviate both the primary and secondary problems due to vestibular disorders. It is an exercise-based program primarily designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, reduce gaze instability, and/or reduce imbalance and fall risk.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dry needling, also known as trigger point dry needling and intramuscular stimulation, is a treatment technique used by various healthcare practitioners, including physical therapists, physicians, and chiropractors, among others. Acupuncturists usually maintain that dry needling is adapted from acupuncture, but others consider dry needling as a variation of trigger point injections. It involves the use of either solid filiform needles or hollow-core hypodermic needles for therapy of muscle pain, including pain related to myofascial pain syndrome.

Dry Needling


Physical Therapy helps with a number of different things, including mental and physical health. 


What does it do? 


According to the American Physical Therapy Association, the goal of physical therapy (PT) or physiotherapy is to improve mobility, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent further injury by using a variety of methods, including exercises, and stretches. 

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